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How to clean up after your kids

Just kidding, that’s impossible. I’m pretty good at sanitizing my house these days but the one thing I’ve been having trouble with is how to clean the couches. I feel like they become a magnet for germs and dirt and I never quite knew how to handle that. This machine was made just for parents (and pet owners!), so I gave it a try.

It was simple enough to put together that I got it working before nap time was even over! #winning! I tried the high traffic rugs and two of my couches. I get the idea that this was made more for maintenance than to get out stains that have been there for a year (no judgment please!). I did not dump spaghetti sauce on my carpet and then attempt to clean it up, but I did notice a difference after cleaning the older dirt stains. I'll update this the next time my five year old spills her pasta.


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