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HAIRBRUSH – Not a beauty tutorial, just a great brush

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As someone who is not a beauty blogger, but really really interested in voluminous postpartum hair, this brush rocks!

First, I was happy to see that it was made in Spain. Second, I feel like when I used it to dry my hair it DID go more quickly and the brush really holds the hair in place. The bristles are pretty hard, but that’s sort of why it works so well. When I wound my hair on it, the dryer didn’t blow it all away. I hope that makes sense.

The last thing I noticed about this brush was that it has a cork handle. This made it easy to hold and much lighter. I mean if I have to hold it up for 5-10 minutes while I blow dry I’m happy for the feathery feel.

Hope you enjoy!


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