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Vacuum suction cup - for carrying heavy things

I was sent this product to review and at first I wasn’t sure how I would use it as a work from home mom of 2. But here are a few important things to note. First, if your husband, dad, sister or mother (let’s not be gender biased here!) is into DIY or at all handy around the house, this is probably something you should have!

Especially while we are spending more time at home, things like repainting your door that color you’ve always wanted… how else will you carry the door except with something like this! Or moving appliances around as you modify your kitchen! Or, or, or! There really are a ton of projects you really can’t do without something like this!

I tried it on the following surfaces of my house: glass door (worked!), wood cabinet (worked)!, uneven wood cabinet (didn’t work), wooden kitchen table (worked), front door (worked!). So there you go, a really useful tool!


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