Maker: n. a person or thing that makes or produces something.

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February Maker

Instagram: @polymerandpaintco



Do you guys remember sculpey clay? I spent HOURS as a kid doing projects with this clay. Needless to say I’m thrilled by the new trend of polymer clay jewelry. It’s really amazing to see the details these artists are creating. 


I chose this artist in particular because i really appreciate how she mixes the clay with various metal pieces. I think it’s unique and beautiful and deserves some extra attention. 

Go check her out!

Kara Pendl

November Maker

Instagram: @Karacotta_Ceramics

I’ve been following Kara for some time now and I hope that my husband finally gets me something of hers. HINT HINT (one of her jewelry dishes with the gold rim in case anyone was wondering).


She works out of Texas and makes the prettiest tumblers, jewelry dishes and even whole dish sets. My favorite kind of art is beautiful and functional and her pottery certainly lives up to that.


Check out her instagram and website! 

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